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EAT YOUR HEART OUT – The Sound of New Berlin




Even the name conjurs up so many different images for so many different people.

The frenzied, coke-fuelled jazz scene of the 1920s. Christopher Isherwood loafing around with the vivacious Sally Bowls in the 1930s. A war-torn ruin in the 1940s then a new economic boom town of the 1950s.

A city divided throughout the Cold War and still, to this day, finding its feet after reunification.

Even just looking at the 20th Century, Berlin has an incredibly rich and varied history which sets it apart from many other European capitals.

It’s a city which thrives on evolution and this is nowhere better reflected than through its music scene.

An ever-changing array of clubs, bars, labels, DJs, producers, bands and musicians have been part and parcel of Berlin culture for decades…and there’s no sign of this stopping anytime soon.

But there is no time to go all misty-eyed and nostalgic for the „golden periods“ of the city’s past: the punk craze of the 70s is over as is the no-wave scene of the early 80s…even the 90s boom in techno is a distant memory now.

Now it’s time for something different. Now it’s time to reflect the times, the tastes and the sounds of New Berlin. Now is the time for Eat Your Heart Out!

Founded by former Atari Teenage Riot frontman Alec Empire and partner in crime Nic Endo in summer of 2007, Eat Your Heart Out is Berlin’s newest baby; a fresh new label for a fresh new sound.

EYHO has already released Empire’s Robot L.O.V.E. 12″, the debut single from critically acclaimed LP The Golden Foretaste of Heaven.

With Empire moving in a new musical direction and a slate of exciting records and remixes due for release over the coming months EYHO is the label for the sound of New Berlin.

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