Atari Teenage Riot 3.0 is coming : Tourtrailer Fall 13

Atari Teenage Riot 3.0 is coming : Tourtrailer Fall 13

Atari Teenage Riot is:

Rowdy SS, London (United Kingdom)
Nic Endo, Wichita Falls /Texas (USA)
Alec Empire, Berlin (Germany)

This week they are in Los Angeles mastering their new album. The recording is finished and they are taking advantage of the latest motion picture technology to make it as loud and powerful as any current blockbuster soundtrack.

Next they embark on a short tour to test the songs live so they can guarantee an explosive show when the album is launched early in 2014.

The first show is in London… Rowdy: Over the last two years I’ve played with Atari everywhere from Coachella in the Californian desert to Moscow during a Russian winter, through South America and all around South East Asia but this is the first time we’ve played the UK. I’m from London and this is my first chance to show my home crowd how it’s done.

But Atari Teenage Riot is more than a band playing music; they are the embodiment of crowd surging excitement, a social manifesto and a warning that government is there for its own good not yours. They have influenced everyone from the core underground to some of today’s top line acts while never losing their subversive legitimacy. When magazines from Wired to Dazed and Confused wanted to involve Anonymous in interviews and discussions the members of Atari Teenage Riot were brought in as intermediaries.

Atari Teenage Riot is as relevant today as they were when they started. Rolling Stone’s list of the ten acts to see at Coachella last year were:

Friday: Atari Teenage Riot,Mazzy Star, Pulp, Refused
Saturday: Azealia Banks, Gary Clark Jr., Laura Marling, Martin Solveig Sunday: Le Butcherettes, Wild Flag

It Happens said of Atari Teenage Riot during the last tour: „Far too many of today’s bands sound convincing enough on record but when they blast their MP3’s over a PA system in a large hall you hear just how thin they really are. Atari Teenage Riot though is something else; they shake everything from your viscera to the venue walls. They are the real deal.“


First tour dates announced!

24.10.2013 GB-London, Heaven

25.10.2013 FR-Paris, Glazart

26.10.2013 FR-Nantes, Le Ferrailleur

27.10.2013 FR-Montpelier, Secret Place

30.10.2013 FR-Bordeaux, I-Boat

31.10.2013 PT-Porto, Hard Club

01.11.2013 ES-Madrid, Heineken Arena

02.11.2013 ES-Barcelona, Apolo 2

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