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Nic Endo fans and friends!!

Many of you asked me to post the information here as well…so I will! Yes, you can also get the Nic Endo Freak fragrance in case you didn’t win the competition!!! We have come up with a way , so you get 10% off on all products if you go to , enter the promo code NICENDO10 at the checkout page !

I have collaborated with Illamasqua for the Freak campaign (I use Illamasqua make up for my face paint since years, so it made perfect sense to work together).


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Check out what Illamasqua is about – Everybody knows that all girls in ATR wore make up since the beginning. We disagree with a lot of images the fashion industry creates to ’shape‘ women/girls so they fit into society and go conform…that’s why it is so amazing that Illamasqua who is run by Alex Box (she is a genius in my opinion) is working on changing that.

Illamasqua is all about self expression, and if you check out the photographs of previous campaigns, or ever witnessed how much they stand apart from all the rest, then you probably understand why I love their approach so much.

Remember: Don’t just get it because I use it, think about what YOU want – that’s what it’s all about!

See you at the shows!

Nic Endo

“Like music, parfum is invisible and reaches us very deeply. It is powerful.

it triggers memories that we thought were lost forever, or it produces phantasies, ideas, creativity that we didn’t know we had.

When Illamasqua asked me to participate in the project, I immediately felt excited about it. A few hours later I was taking a flight from Tokyo to Berlin and walked quickly through the crowded duty free area at the airport. Famous brand names were screaming at me aggressively, parfum packaged and presented next to chocolate bars and whiskey bottles. I was a bit jetlagged but still awake from last night’s amazing concert. This was not a ‚job‘, this was an adventure that I would remember for the rest of my life.

I noticed a family on vacation shopping, both parents were carrying plastic bags, filled with boring stuff, their son was wearing headphones playing some video game on his handheld device, didn’t seem to care about anything… and their daughter was standing a bit apart, distanced, she looked almost a bit embarassed to be there. I remembered going through this phase at that age. This is when you decide where you want to be later in life. This is when you want to get away and discover the world and your potential.

Suddenly I caught her looking at me, curious, smiling then quickly looking the other way because I noticed ….it was only a short moment, not even seconds. But I thought, wouldn’t the concept of Illamasqua’s ‚Freak‘ exactly appeal to her?

Isn’t it all about who we want to be in the future? And what we do about becoming that person? Expressing ourselves is always the next step towards it.

And as an artist I know that I have the desire to always evolve further. To transform.

Many people put parfums on to ‚fit in‘. Sometimes that can make sense, but isn’t it about getting noticed, isn’t it about standing out from the rest?

Aren’t those who use the term ‘freak’ in a negative way, when they point fingers at exceptional people, exactly those kinds who are just jealous of the attention the ‚freak‘ draws? Don’t they find themselves copying the style of the ‚freak‘ shortly after? We see it in fashion, music, science, art and make-up all the time.

I can put on any types of clothes, but the right parfum for the occasion is what stays with me, what I can sense even in the dark.  It’s so close.

I was getting ready to perform at the show the night before, the finishing touch was the parfum. My stage clothes, my make up, everything was perfect, but putting on parfum is always like when a painter signs his latest piece.

It was only minutes to show time and I could hear thousands of fans shouting my name. How I feel in that moment when I perform is what makes my performance special.

I might have sung the songs many times before, but the magic happens when I connect with the audience in that moment in time.

When I boarded the flight I thought about how Illamasqua’s “Freak” would inspire me. Their make-up did so many times before. I suddenly felt curious to find out. When I arrived in Berlin, I agreed to it.

A few weeks later I flew into London for the photoshoot, which was a really exciting experience. Many designers do a lot of work digitally, but what you see in the picture was really there on the set. I have never modelled before and as an artist I usually control my own image very carefully; the videos, the stage appearance, the photos for artwork and the media… but with Alex Box and Illamasqua I just felt it was the right thing to let go and follow their vision. I absolutely fell in love with the result!



As the star of Illamasqua’s Freak campaign, and to celebrate our competition last week to win a full size 75ml bottle of their debut fragrance, we are offering a 10% discount across the Illamasqua range* to indulge your alter ego and invite you to step into the intoxicating world of Freak.

Simply enter the promo code  NICENDO10  at the checkout page at




*TERMS AND CONDITIONS: NICENDO10 10% off discount code is available until 11.59pm GMT Monday 31st October 2011 for one transaction only and cannot be used in any other retail outlet. *Not available to Illamasqua employees or professional / student members and does not apply to the Freak Gift set, Sophie wristband or Sophie pencil. Offer is not redeemable against delivery and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount except the 10% loyalty discount and Free UK Standard Delivery when you spend over £45 offer. Promoter: Illamasqua Ltd, 6-8 Amwell Street, London, EC1R 1UQ


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