Hey, it’s Alec Empire posting this time. (Thanks to Tenderhool for putting this up on YouTube)

I spent a long time in the studio finishing the new Atari Teenage Riot album. So when Patrick called me up, I was like „yeah the last show I have been to was my own – some point in December last year“… You know when you haven’t seen a live show in a while, it’s really great to go to a show again! (I always feel like that opening scene in Alien 1 when they wake up from that long sleep – not saying the time in the studio was boring, but it’s so different from being together with hundreds of people who share the same music) screen capture 2011-4-7-0-44-31

All the new songs sound amazing live.

Patrick got me up on stage, so we played a stripped down version of the Hard Times Remix I did when it was released as a single.

click here to watch Patrick Wolf with Alec Empire playing Hard Times in Berlin

Then Vulture…where the whole band got back on stage with us. It was amazing for me because we wrote those songs together in my studio in Berlin, and even if we have performed them together in London before, to play them in the city that inspired us to write the songs, felt great.

Click here to watch them play Vulture

For the record….I am totally into Saxophones! I am a huge Jazz and Ska fan and FINALLY someone has broken that taboo and included this amazing instrument again!

(Usually mp3’s make saxophones sounds terrible, that’s why it has disappeared from most music..which is a shame. At a live show it can add a level of excitement which is unbeatable)

click here to watch Patrick’s big finale „The City“

So we hung out backstage – met Rowdy Superstar who supports Patrick on this tour. There are not many clips on YouTube, he is working on new material right now.

That guy has a lot of energy!!! AND has two great dancers with him on stage. It reminded me of one of my all time favorite film scenes in the beginning of Do The Right Thing.

Try to get to Patrick’s show early to see Rowdy Superstar…

click here to watch Rowdy’s freestyle in the streets of New York

posted by Alec for EYHO Blog Berlin
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