Alec: „Let’s not beat around the bush…you are our favorite „new“ band. Every time we mention it to the German audience, they respond that they only know Ed Banger and Justice. Which is depressing. We feel that your are changing the perception of French music. How do you feel about music in France? Do you even associate yourself to what the media calls the „French music scene“?“

Caroline:“ Thank you.

I don’t know what is French music scene, and sure they don’t know we exist too.
we don’t feel to be a part of a family or something…we just try to be and stay bastards in the middle of nowhere.

we dont run after a stamp.

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Alec: „ For those who cannot understand your lyrics. What are your songs about and why do you choose to express yourself this way?“

Caroline:“ if you cant understand me, its cause of my strong French accent.
its not a way or a concept…but one thing is sure, I don’t wanna sing like a pop singer.
i prefer my voice was mixed in the music, cause the music is more important, I’m just another instrument in it.

On the new album i gonna put my lyrics for the first time.
All our songs speak about so many different things, my lyrics comes when we create a song,

each tracks give me different feelings, they are like weird poems,for example i speak about: Animals, Ghosts, stupid things, Blond Roses, Acid eyes, Mess in the ruins, Dead lazers, love, unpaid bills, regrets, Blue Screen…“

Alec: „ Your live performance seems to be a very important part of your concept. Do you feel you are able to capture this energy in your recordings? Can you quickly describe how you work on your music? How do you develop your songs?“

Caroline:“ no concept.
in live, i just give the human warm side of Kap Bambino, I am the same in the life and Orion too, no theater, hate artschool concept,
i come from the street.
We recording music at home,with the same spontaneous energy of the stage…we do music everyday? (when we aren’t on tour)
we are both sick hyperactive,i hope you can feel this on our records.“

Alec: „ Tell us about your new single! Tell us about your new album! The single sounds a lot more powerful than your previous recordings! When was it recorded, where? What were your influences? It sounds like nothing else!“

Caroline:“? ACID EYES / RED SIGN single , be recording (like usual) at home in our bedroom between July 2008 until December 2008,
in the middle of plastic dinosaurs, pics of cats, real fat cat, dead beers, full ashtray, videos K7, guitars and zombies posters.
in this second album call „BLACKLIST“, we have try to push the limits of our quality sound, but we haven’t buy new stuff,the only thing we have do for the first time is a real mastering.
its a new inspiration, its a new evolution, its a very exciting time for us.
we were influenced by all things we have live in 2008, travels, friends, dead rats, crackers.
For the voice we have decide to stop to use crap effects,we have do this on 2 lp and one EP, and now just need new things for ourself.“

Alec: „ What is the future of electronic rock’n’roll if there is such a thing?

Caroline:“ Born and die.

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Alec: „ Our blog features a lot about films. Do you watch films? and if so, can you name your 5 favorite films? And tell us in one sentence for each one why you made the choice?“

Caroline:“ Carnival of Souls – Herk Harvey’s

Aguirre der zone Gotter – Werner Herzog

Dupont La Joie – Yves Boisset

Mondo Cane – Gualtiero Jacopetti

Escape From New York – John Carpenter

and no comment.“

Alec: „ What is your opinion on drugs? Do you think they should be legal? Do you even care about that?“

Caroline:“ We don’t do drugs.
its so easy.
we prefer keep open eyes on all.“

Alec: „ How do you define „underground“? Do you think it is important to be „underground“, to be a part of an underground scene? In our opinion underground music must be a threat to society, to the accepted norm. Underground always includes change and innovation? Please discuss!“

Caroline:“ When we have created WWilko, or own label in 2001, the „underground“ way was just the only road, cause at this period nobody care about our music and artists….and just independent distributors was up for deal our releases.
I’m not sure we have innovated something,
we have just try to release our shit, but for sure we aren’t in the „norm“ ahahah
with Kap Bambino in 2003 we haven’t other choices to be underground, especially in France,at the start and maybe again now,they think we are fucking aliens…
we have put blood, arms, sweat, heart, smiles, energy, nerves, joy
go to the post office everyday…all that dedicate to this scene before 8 years,
just for do beautiful vinyls limited edition and promoting artists we like,
and take care to distribute in tiny best records shops in the world..
and you know what?
after all, i think now for me underground mean nothing special…sometimes i ask myself if this scene really exist?or if its a dream?
the most important thing for us, is people get into our music,and artist we promoted.
just try to exist in a simple way and stay wild.
we are in 2009 and its the future !
don’t wanna be a part of a tiny ghetto, underground or not, i don’t care about codes,
with this style of music, for sure we don’t take the risk to be one day in the mainstream industry.
or own revolution its in the music, is our? message,she need to travel with no limits.
i mean a lots of kids,and people around the world need to be involved by underground music artists scene,
and they dont have the money or possibility to buy vinyls,or found stuff in the middle of nowhere in Mexico or in South Africa for example…
just i wanna say,
thanks to the internet, they give us the most beautiful gift ever, the big chance to have a window open on the world.
Before Kap Bambino, Orion and me, never have the opportunity to travel…
we hope flying cars arrive soon,and we wanna go on the moon too.

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Alec: „ Have you seen your music change people? Your audience? Your fans? What feedback do you usually get from them?“

Caroline:“ euh i don t know….but sometimes They look very happy.“

Alec: „ I mean you know who we are 😉 so it’s probably no surprise to you that I see similarities to visionary German band Ec8or from back in the 90ties? Is that correct or am I completely wrong? In our opinion too many people did miss this band in the past. Do you think they should tour again?“

Caroline:“ yes we know you,and have lots of respect for all your stuff 🙂
We really love EC8OR, Patric Catani and Gina D Orio are genius, and they are good friends of us too.
they are one of the first duet electronic in the 90′
i have missed them when i was teen,and discovered very late.
Patric Catani is a really really brilliant artist he have so many good side projects, Candy Hank, V.I.P,I’ll till,A*Class…
and Gina have an amazing voice, she’s beautiful.
Of course the world need to know better who they are..they are a lots of fans everywhere in the world.
for sure good people with good taste know already them.

we dont come from hardcore digital scene,
they are nothing sounds like this style in our Bambino music, i mean the drums or synths.
maybe just the energy can be compared ?
we come from Noise, pop, and rock, and put a lots of melody in our sound.
the set up with the laptop on stage,was just a good solution for travel easy.
we recording all tracks with real instruments, broken synths, guitar, drums, and digital keyboards.

you know the problem when your are a duet like us ( girl singer and a boy at the laptop ) journalist or people try to put you in family music….or do comparison with others duet every time.
I’m really happy and proud you compare us with EC8OR, ( but i cant see the link anyway) cause rest of time is really shitty bands.

Orion have start alone Kap Bambino in 2002, and actually dickheads think we are a copycat of Crystal Castle, ahhahah WTF!?
its the joy to be underground,
when your music start to come to the light,people think you are born yesterday…whatever!“

Alec: „ It looks like you release most of your songs on vinyl? Do you think it’s worth keeping vinyl as a format? Is there more to it than just get the songs out? ( I know simple question but so many people don’t get it)“

Caroline:“ honestly its just cause we think vinyls are the best format ever !we heart this format for all reasons you know 😉 not sure actually is the best way for put the songs out…“

Alec: „ Apart from touring and touring and touring, what are your next plans? Where do you see yourself in the next decade (from 2010 onwards) ?“

Caroline:“ Next plans are:
try to survive,
dont forget to kill the beast,
continued to do music every days,
work on a new record,
smoke cigarettes
and wait the death.

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