Sun is Shining And The Weather Is Sweet…

This morning I woke up and finished my first piano ballad which will make it onto new release „Shivers“ out in May! Life is different now. Another track I have done for it is called „Baby Skulls“ and it’s perhaps one of the most direct political songs I have ever written…

awesome review of Alec Empire Staubgold DJ Mix album click here

thanks for all your amazing feedback on the Patrick Wolf collaboration. „Vultures“ is a blast and we had a great time recording it. Yes, that bassline is a Minimoog through a Metasonix pedal…some of you guessed right! and yes, live or played over a big soundsystem it shines in its true evil

Got the files for another track of him called „Hard Times“ and I’ll remix it in the coming days. We’ll send out a long newsletter before the weekend.

By the way I wear sunglasses to block out all the bullshit which is thrown at us every day…not to block out the sun (I live at night anyway)…

everybody wants to sell you stuff, cheaper and cheaper. This hassle is the real nightmare of the crisis.

Sometimes when I attend some family dinner or something and a relative brought some banker friend asshole and then there is always this recurring discussion about why I have the political opinion that I have, then I can only say to that standard phrase „oh but Alec, communism has killed so many people“, well the capitalists have been so busy lately killing people and destroying lives and careers, that you can only keep sunglasses on…like a rebel, age 15…

and then get the f*+* out of there as fast as you can…some of these people think they have got it all figured out….thank satan that these things are only once a year, and I always try to play shows then….

(Photo was taken by Nic Endo, part of a series…) – we’ll post a few videos soon…documenting the recording of the new record.

And before I forget , the setlist for the May shows is not completed yet…so comment & mention your favorite songs (Alec & ATR).

how anyone could have Dizzee Rascal on their stereo after that more than stupid Obama comment on BBC is beyond my understanding…(Dizzee, just take that salty eel out of your mouth… )

when you visit the new website , make sure you actually click on many of the buttons…there are loads of little things…infos, videos, tracks, pics…. more will follow…

got to back to recording….

make sure you don’t let anyone live rent free in your head!