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While music journalists in Germany are wondering what happened to pop music (yes, we said it years ago. In a globalized economy national pop music is becoming less relevant every year. Music , after all, is not that different to the rest of the economy.) , we continue our path into the future.

Just got back from Portugal, crazy New Years Eve rave with 2000+ kids going mental (we know this term is totally British and a taboo term in modern Indie music, that’s why it has to be used again from now on. Creds to Garagem to make it happen!). Hardcore, hardcore hardcore. Drug music, dangerous and without any context to what we used to call western pop music.

People are angry, that’s why.

Gone is the decade of whiny upper class kids who pay their way into the music scene (because nobody else can afford it any longer). People feel and know that middle and working class have been pushed down by the super rich over the past decade, and now the dream of the rising working class rock’n’roll band has been lost…maybe forever.

(Remember, mostly, these images were marketing campaigns to sell a „product“ to us. „These guys are like you, now go buy it.“ We were never into buying music that reminds us of our neighbors…why? Because we hate them as much as they hate us.)

Now is the time for a new underground to emerge. NOW!

We want music which is exciting, thrilling, passionate, dangerous and unpredictable. The minds of the new generation are open and ready for change. It won’t happen in one day, but the door is open and it will stay open… for a while.

Those who sit back, those who are passive and expect corporations to deliver everything to them, will be left behind.

The new listener is active, is searching the internet for new music, the new listener is questioning any written information about music (yes, you, you journalists who have become the little finger of the corporates. You lost your integrity, once lost, no way to get it back…that’s part of the game.), the new listener is making up his/her own mind, creating his/her own taste. The new listener is thinking, because knowledge and ideas are gold in this era.

The old way of capitalism has failed. Even many conservatives are waking up now. In Paris we have seen more burning cars on New Years Eve than ever before.

We don’t need guns, our weapon is the mind…and we are ready to riot at any time.

I don’t need to say that our solidarity is with those who supported, lost and loved Alexandros Grigoropoulos.
(I didn’t want to say anything right away, because too many bands try to sell something on the back of those tragedies. And I hate that. But we received so many emails asking where we stand, I wanted to get it out. This is where we stand!)

The super rich are not paying taxes, why does the police protect them? They should protect the people. Us.

In 2008 we started and finished many new things : New music, films scores and more.

Thank you all for your ongoing loyalty and support!

In 2009 many of the projects we were working on are being released and premiered.

In a minute I’ll give you an update on shows and live events that we’ll do over the coming months, but 3 concerts need to be mentioned now:
Alec Empire is playing 3 exclusive shows in Great Britain. London , Manchester and Glasgow.

Alec and his band (yes, including Nic Endo) will play material from following albums: Generation Star Wars, The Destroyer, Miss Black America, Intelligence & Sacrifice, Futurist, Atari Teenage Riot (plus special guests!), The Golden Foretaste of Heaven and present new songs from the upcoming album to be released later this year.

As you might know, the shows are happening around Alec’s birthday (2nd of May) and the anniversary of ATR’s legendary show on May 1st 1999

This will be a huge party and ticket sales are super limited.

01.05.2009 London (GB) – The Underworld (doors 7pm) tickets available through &
02.05.2009 Manchester (GB) – Satan?s Hollow (doors 6pm) tickets available through &
03.05.2009 Glasgow (GB) – Ivory Blacks (doors 7pm) tickets available through / /


Jan 10th Alec Empire & T Raumschmiere & Aux Raus! in Paris at SCANDALE!

Jan 15th Alec Empire & The Hellish Vortex in Budapest!

Jan 31st Alec Empire spinning at Chaostage Screening Saarbr?cken Film Festival

Feb 12th Alec Empire, Tresor & Think Sync present huge Berlinale Party in Berlin:

Line Up includes Andrew Weatherall, David Holmes (soundtracks for Ocean 11-13), Zan Lyons, Alec Empire, T Raumschmiere, DJ Reznik and more!
You will have the chance to see films involving Alec Empire’s music for the first time in public. (a sci-fi animation film directed by Richard Wilhelmer „The Golden Foretaste of Heaven“ staring Robert Stadlober! Then Miron Zownir’s masterpiece „Phantomanie“ staring Natalia Avelon, Bruno S, and more! Alec has written the score for this Berlin noir thriller. And the „Chaostage“ gang will show exclusive material from the soon to be released film …but there will be lots more. We will post details over the coming weeks.)

Feb 21st Alec Empire & The Hellish Vortex live Barcelona/ Spain


Bass Terror 2xCD is available as CD only release next week (January 5th).
please note: only 3 copies of limited edition package left. (thanks for all your emails asking to repress, but we feel that the idea of a limited collectors release is that it stays limited, even if there is more demand. It would be unfair for those who supported the release so far.)

for those who know

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