Visionaries & Voices art studio event for artists with disabilities, autism, etc.

Many of you know that for the last five years I?ve been involved with an art studio for artists with disabilities called Visionaries & Voices.
Many of the artists have autism or various challenges and the art studio lets them be seen as an artist first without the other labels that have been placed on them throughout their lives. In the studio, and in the gallery exhibits of their work, they are seen for what they can do, rather than for
what people think they cannot do.

There is a section about the studio and the artists there on the documentary film about my work called The Alchemy of Art.

At the link below is a photo from a recent gallery opening last month featuring the artist Antonio Adams. The photo at the link below shows Antonio Adams and I in front of an amazing mural he painted.
Make sure you click on the image of the mural so it will enlarge and you can see how amazing the detail is in it.


Take a good look at the photo, because while that gallery show was happening, at the very time the photo was taken, a fire broke out in Antonio Adam?s apartment building and burnt it down.

The good news is that Antonio and his family were at the gallery show of his art, so that saved their life and they were not in the building. The bad news, is that they lost everything in the fire.

This week there will be some benefit fundraisers to help Antonio and his family survive until they can get a new place to live.
There will be auctions of his art and art from other artists of Visionaries & Voices. I will be donating a variety of work, books, and prints as well to help raise money for the event.

I will not be at the Thursday fundraiser because I?ll be in NY, but I plan to attend the Saturday Fundraiser at Shake It records. Anyone is welcome to attend in person, or contribute on line at the Visonaries & Voices website here:


Learn more about V&V at that link. And learn the details about the fundraisers here: