„Scylla & Charybdis“: This new release by Christoph de Babalon is dedicated to two unfortunate girls from Greek mythology. Once beautiful nymphs, both were jinxed to live their life as monsters.



To describe his melancholic viewpoint of their fate, he chose the long forgotten romantic art of the Symphonic Poem. Influenced by works such as Arnold Sch?nberg’s „Vekl?rte Nacht“, Sergei Rachmaninoff’s „Isle Of The Dead“ and Richard Strauss‘ „Also Sprach Zarathustra“, Christoph de Babalon transfers this technique into the present and breaks the tradititon by incorporating the human and inhuman voices of Alexandra von Bolz’n and Hanayo to create the most haunting experience for the listener.

His Diptychon about the unforgettable story of „Scylla & Charybdis“ transcends past, present and future, myth and reality.

Inside the limited Premium Edition Box of „Scylla & Charybdis“ the eternalness and versatility of the subject becomes most clearly visible: The „Mother Work“ (and a choice of archaic format) of the Vinyl , „The Miniatures“ of the CD – showing a more fractional and microscopic apporach to the monstruos atmosphere and finally the „Mixtape“ interweaving beats and atmospheres into an almost disco version. Altogether the Premium Edition includes over 120 minutes of music and comes with postcards and an A1-sized poster with Ian Liddle’s intriguing Cover artwork, all enclosed in a beautiful high quality handmade recordbox.

The Premium Edition of „Scylla & Charybdis“ will be available through CFET mailorder only.

Scylla (featuring ALEXANDRA VON BOLZ’N) (12:27)
Charybdis (featuring HANAYO) (12:09)

CHRISTOPH DE BABALON is known for tripping beats, dark wide spaces and eternal melancholy. He released his first record in 1994 on Hamburg’s cult-label Fischkopf. This record (as well as all that followed over the next years) were extensively played by BBC-DJ-legend JOHN PEEL. Right after his debut he began working with ALEC EMPIRE’s Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) where he, besides a couple of other records released his most important work: the legendary album ‚If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It‘. DHR still say that it remains their most important release.

Also THOM YORKE of Radiohead is a big fan of Christoph de Babalon’s music and invited him on a tour through southern europe in 2001. Christoph remembers those shows as being ‚unreal‘ – playing dark ambient in front of an average 10.000 people per show. The arena of Verona painted black – while the sun went down.

As a co-founder of the music label Cross Fade Enter Tainment [CFET] he has been putting out records by influential electronic hardcore producers such as Somatic Responses, DJ Scud, Zbigniew Karkowski and Merzbow (to name but a few) since 1994.

In order to learn more effective production techniques and gather new experience, he began working on music for theatre productions, dance performances and film. In June 2008 he hooked up with Radiohead again to play the „Daydream“ Festival in Barcelona and introduce „Scylla & Charybdis“ to the public for the first time. It was a sunny day – but the sky turned dark during Christoph’s set.

„The most menacing record I own“ – THOM YORKE of Radiohead about „If You’re Into it, I’m Out Of It“

„The most outstanding album on DHR […] – nobody will ever top this!!!“ – ALEC EMPIRE about „If You’re Into it, I’m Out Of It“

ALEXANDRA VON BOLZ’N is famous for her work with Grindcore-band Bolz’n. Once her vocal chords are unleashed, she runs the gamut from the deepest frequencies up to the highest pitches, emitting sounds that are hardly recognizable as products of a human voice.

HANAYO is celebrated for her work with german artist Christoph Schlingensief and musicians such as Violent Onsen Geisha, Red Crayola, Vapid Dolly, Black Dog, Merzbow, Woodman, Kai Althoff, Terre Thaemlitz, The Panacea and most recently Wooden Veil.

Christoph de Babalon selected works:
1996 ‚Destroy Berlin!‘ 12″ Vinyl, Digital Hardcore Recordings
1997 ‚If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It“ LP/CD, Digital Hardcore Recordings
1999 The Peel Sessions Live, Royal Festival Hall, London
1999 ‚Dark Background‘ on
2000 Split EP with Kid606 12″ Vinyl, Fat Cat
2000 ‚Rise Above This‘ 7″ Vinyl, Zhark International
2000 ‚Monkey’s Uncle‘ Remix for The Locust, GSL
2000 ‚Misfortune Must Be Fought Back‘ Remix for Tocotronic, Motor Music
2000 Music for ‚I Suppose this time I see what he saw (a temporary switchback)‘ by Norwegian Dance Company Zero Visibility Corp.
2001 ‚Untitled‘ with Hanayo for ‚Mutations‘ group exhibition in Tokyo, curated by Rem Kolhaas
2001-2006 Several theatre music productions in Germany with director Schirin Khodadadian
2003 Founding of ?bergang with Guitarist Christian GG Haudej
2005 ‚Atomkrieg‘ sound installation for group exhibition at Kunsthaus Dresden
2006 ‚Fear Leader‘ EP with ?bergang, Low Res Records, Detroit

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CHRISTOPH DE BABALON – Scylla & Charybdis
LP, Cross Fade Enter Tainment PP012