Underground nightlife impresarios Larry Tee and Daniel Nardicio both
spoke enthusiastically about America’s current economic crisis this
week, and suggested it should prove positive for New York nightclub.

When the economy dips, the nightclubs heat up, club owners are willing
to take chances and a lot of the old club owner/predators get weeded
out,‘ Larry suggested.

‚In times of economic hardship, artists flourish. It’s an undisputable
fact, just like the other undisputable fact: Sluts Heal Quicker,‘ ,‘
Daniel agreed, ‚One can already see a change: Cute little parties are
popping up everywhere, and people seem to want to go out more. It’s
like „If the USA is going to hell in a handbasket, lets f**king party!“

‚Personally, I hope New York City goes bankrupt and one has to walk
over hedge fund operators bodies to get to a club. I think the drama
is very exciting,‘ he laughed.

Larry was similarly unconcerned about Wall Street clubbers, suggesting
they’re already retreating from their bottle service haunts.

‚When (satirical TV show) Saturday Night Live does a comedy skit about
the strippers at Scores, a popular club here in New York City, closing
down the Champagne Room because the high rollers are gone, you get an
idea about how the nightclubs in Manhattan are going to be affected,‘
said Larry,

?But that Wall Street money and those „I moved here because of „Sex In
the City“ girls had just about killed New York Nightlife. For years
now, New York City has been plagued with these awful stereotypes and
the clubs responded to the waterfalls of cash by making dance floors
smaller and private bottle service areas bigger.

In West Chelsea where the most expensive bottle clubs are on every
corner, the weekends still look very healthy but the normally solid
weekdays are beginning to thin out,‘ he said.

Daniel was actively enthused about the plight of the City’s merchant
bankers and said he?s noticed few, if any, so far ditching the stock
market for sex clubs.

‚Nah, they walk around pale and scared- it’s hilarious,‘ he chuckled.

‚Gone are their smug, self satisfied faces. New York City has become
so focused on money and wealth that these people don’t know what to do
without dollars to flaunt. They never had to develop real
personalities, so now they’re trapped.‘

‚Having said that, I honestly don’t‘ have anything against any
particular group. I think it’s great to thrive and prosper,‘ he added,
‚And lets face it, some of those frat boy hedge fund guys are HOT
pieces of ass and deserve man on man sex to calm them down. But
obscene wealth in the face of people losing their homes, and America’s
poverty just seems wrong to me,‘ he said

Larry pointed out that New York?s last economic recession of the early
90s spawned seminal clubs including Disco 2000, Sound Factory and The
Tunnel, recalling ‚it also seemed as though the government had more on
their plate than looking into bathroom stalls to see if anyone was
doing drugs.‘

‚New York is NOT going to go back to THAT city, but there is no doubt
going to be some serious shake-ups in the nightlife hierarchy,‘ Larry
predicted, ‚Viva La BUST!‘

Daniel concluded with a cautionary note.

‚I do wonder if all this drama and fear is created by the White House
to distract us from something else. I mean, what happened to Bird Flu?
Anthrax? And Y2K? The list is endless of ?Breaking News? stories that
are supposed to be catastrophic yet nothing seems to ever change in
reality,‘ he noted.

?The more I work in media the more I see how events, diseases, drama,
fear and crises are all created by the media to propel the idea that
we need media.
I mean, I keep hearing about this recession yet they?re building
condos left and right around me! HELP!?

More evidence of the depth of the crisis, however, emerged in Florida,
this week, where a local cyclist complained to cops after being held
up and robbed by a pack of women on the street.

Olmer Morales said a heavyset woman initially blocked his way and
seized his handlebars while four topless women surrounded him and
stole $100 from his back pocket.

The 18 year old described the suspects as ?thin with blonde hair?
wearing ?overalls and no shirts or bras underneath? according to
police reports (The Smoking Gun). (Daniel’s gay social networking site. Free
membership) (Michael Moore: How to fix the Wall Street
mess: ‚The richest 400 Americans — that’s right, just four hundred
people — own MORE than the bottom 150 million Americans combined. 400
rich Americans have got more stashed away than half the entire
country! Their combined net worth is $1.6 trillion. During the eight
years of the Bush Administration, their wealth has increased by nearly
$700 billion — the same amount that they are now demanding we give to
them for the „bailout.“ . . .‘)

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